Early Risers


Are you fresh out of college, starting out in life or transitioning in between career choices?

Or maybe you are a late bloomer, life happened and you found yourself in your late twenties and early thirties feeling stuck and overwhelmed, wanting to start over, and possibly re-invent yourself?


Strengthen Your Will

This introductory module is all about helping you understand the value of becoming a perpetual learner and in turn fortify your will, whilst building character wisdom that will help you unlock all areas of your life.


Harness Your Wait

In life we sometimes have to wait for prolonged seasons before we see that breakthrough. Learn how to harness your season of waiting by knowing your triggers, managing your energy, dealing and befriending failure and guarding your heart.


Elevate you Work Ethic

Can you only succeed by doing what you love? Is there only one way to success in life? Rome was not built in a day. What if you could learn to love what you do, raise others and kill the shortcut mentality?


Deepen Your Well

Do you want to shoot for the moon or for the stars? In this module you will learn how to deepen your will by cultivating a spirit of EXCELLENCE, eliminating toxic comparison and strengthening your focus.

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